On the Design of an Expert Help System
for Computer Algebra Systems

artigo Expert Help SystemOn the Design of an Expert Help System for Computer Algebra Systems. On the Design of an Expert Help System for Computer Algebra System SIGSAM Bulletin (ISSN 0163-5824) v. 24, n. 4, pp. 22-24, out. 1990.

It is our intention here only to discuss the nature, complexity and tools concerning the design of Smart Help, an expert help facility for aiding users of Computer Algebra Systems. Although the expert help system presented here has been particularly oriented to REDUCE (as a consequence of our former experience with this system), we point out that the concept of Smart Help can be extended to other Computer Algebra Systems. Technically, Smart Help is a Production System on the top of a particular implementation of MANTRA,  a hybrid knowledge representation system, which has REDUCE integrated as an additional knowledge representation module. Since the heuristic level of MANTRA has not yet been implemented, being presently represented by the Lisp language itself, Smart Help is coded in Lisp and resides in the same Lisp session of MANTRA. A prototype of Smart Help is now running on a SUN work-station on an experimental basis.

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